Crime Watch

| 02 Mar 2015 | 05:04


Someone stole a woman's duffel bag from a diner on Amsterdam Avenue. At 8:30 PM on Thursday, November 7, a 32-year-old woman placed the bag on a ledge next to her table in the diner. When she got up to leave about an hour later, she realized that her bag was gone, along with its contents. She had not seen anyone near the bag, nor had she noticed anything out of the ordinary. There were no cameras at the location. The items stolen were Lulu Frost Anthropologie earrings, valued at $450, gym clothing worth $250, Cole Haan shoes valued at $180, Kate Spade Bloomingdales earrings priced at $180, an Anthropologie necklace costing $100, and a J.P. Morgan umbrella worth $25. The total value of the items stolen came to $1,185.

Unsafe Savings

At 9:48 AM on November 1, a 63-year-old woman living on West 70th Street reported discovering an unauthorized withdrawal of $4,200 from her bank savings account. She told police she had not given anyone permission to withdraw that money.

Protest Injury

A member of the police force was injured while on protest detail on Tuesday, September 17. At 6:55 PM that night, a 27-year-old female police officer was monitoring a protest on West 67th Street, when demonstrators became violent and police started making arrests. While assisting in the apprehension of violent demonstrators, the police officer was struck on her left hand and wrist by an unknown perpetrator with a protest sign, causing pain and swelling.

Newsstand Nasties

Unknown perpetrators burglarized a newsstand on Broadway. At 11:30 PM on Sunday, November 10, someone broke the padlocks of a newsstand on the Southeast corner of Broadway and West 69th Street and stole items from the stand. Police searched the area but were unable to find the thieves. There were no security cameras or alarms at the location. The items stolen were cigarettes worth $2,000, phone cards valued at $1,000, candy valued at $1,000, and $2,000 in cash.

Unlocked Locker

A woman's handbag was stolen from a shared locker at her place of work. At 8:50 PM on Thursday, November 7, a 42-year-old woman put her handbag inside a locker at her workplace on the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and West 62nd Street. When she returned twenty minutes later, she found that her handbag and its contents had been taken. The company padlock on the locker was open, because another employee had forgotten to lock it after removing her own property. There were no cameras and no witnesses to the incident. The items stolen were a Versace purse valued at $1,000, a Coach wristlet mini purse priced at $150, a black Coach wallet costing $95, a New York State driver's license, and a Social Security card.