Nice work, Obama

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Say you’re a big fan of a [certain presidential candidate](:, how can you help hype their campaign? Judging from the view count on YouTube (over a million!), the best way is to write a catchy song, film a local model lip-synching the words and then let the bloggers and news stations do the rest. That’s what Temple undergrad [Leah Kauffman](: did, and when she posted her I’ve Got A Crush…On Obama video on the web last week, everyone from [CollegeHumor]( ) to [ABC]( picked up the story. The video runs just over three minutes and features [chesty model/actress]( Amber Lee-Ettinger wandering around New York City’s subway stations and parks, wearing t-shirts that say “” and “I got a crush on Obama” and lip-synching about how she, well, wants Obama. Hopefully, you’ve watched it by now, but in case you’re allergic to YouTube, one of the earlier verses goes, “You seem to float onto the floor/Democratic Convention 2004/I never wanted anybody more/Than I want you.” The song isn't bad, and there are plenty of shots of Ettinger in short shorts, so the video really has something for everyone.

You can buy t-shirts like the ones in the video [here], and on a creepier note, you can bid on the actual clothes that Ettinger wore in the video [here]( The high bids on the shorts and the tank-top are both around $250, but the t-shirt will cost you at least $650—and there’s still three days of bidding left (all profits go to charity, but even if they didn’t, that shameless price tag is the American way).

One more interesting bit of trivia: Kauffman also created the amazing “[Box in a Box]” video, which played off of the “[Dick in a Box](” skit Justin Timberlake and [Andy Samberg]( did for SNL back in December 2006. Since it first hit YouTube, “Box in a Box” has been viewed more than 5 million times. We wonder if America will ultimately love the independent box or the Obama-hungry box more.

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