Nip Alert! NYC Girls Like Attention

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Check out the balls on this guy. Does he seriously just tap girls on the shoulder and ask to videotape them walking down the street? "Excuse me Miss, may I take pictures of your boobies for my website?" Whatever he does, it works. [His website] (NSFW, depending on where you work) has tons of minute-long clips of girls walking down the street, all of whom range from pretty hot to boner-rific. The site is like a voyeuristic T & A gallery laid out on Manhattan sidewalks—in a lot of the videos, you can even recognize what street they're on. Central park sunbathers play a central role on the site, but you can also check out foxes prancing around Union Square and the LES. What's nice about the virtual experience is that you can gawk at the girls the way you always want to, but without being as huge a skeezeball.

Best comment by far is, "This hot girl, you don't see in China, is my want." Wow, go ESL.

The guy that runs the site says that he gets permission from the girls before he tapes them, which seems like a good idea (in the interest of staying out of jail and all.) A [Connecticut math teacher] took the creepier route when he videotaped high-school cheerleaders without their knowledge and posted the videos on his pay-per-view site. Yeah, the cops didn't like that; the fuzz raided his house and found 9,000 pornographic images.

Warning: this site is so dumb that after ten minutes worth of perusal you're going to need to read something smart to cleanse the palate, if you will. Go [here] and read up on Croatia. Turns out, the coastal country is about the size of West Virginia, and the capital is Zagreb. Good facts to know if you end up at a party with a lot of Croats.

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