NJ Supports Gay Marriage, Likes Mike

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A just-released Zogby poll finds that after six months of legal civil unions in New Jersey voters in the Garden State are overwhelmingly ready to support an upgrade to same-sex marriage, 63-31.

Those polled also said that legislators would not have to fear reprisal should they vote in favor of same-sex marriage, and that they expect the state to enact same-sex marriage laws within a few years anyway.

Beyond the question of gay marriage, the poll does a little like/dislike with New Jersey voters, asking them to rate a variety of elected officials not on their record in office but on how they feel about them personally. Mike Bloomberg scores the highest, with Jersey voters giving him a 71-18 like-to-dislike rating.

Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton do alright, too. Giuliani scores a 64-31, while Clinton is at 56-40.

For more New York political coverage visit [City Hall News].

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