No Fare Lady

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A cab driver got taken for a ride when he picked up a woman who fleeced him last week. At 11:32 a.m. on Wednesday, June 19, a 42-year-old male cabbie picked up a fare, a 50-year-old woman, at the corner of Pine Street and William Street. The passenger asked to sit in the front of the cab due to an alleged leg injury. During the taxi ride, the passenger touched the cabbie's leg multiple times. Suddenly the passenger asked the cabbie to stop the vehicle claiming she had left her keys at the spot where he had picked her up. The cabbie halted the taxi at the on-ramp of the northbound FDR Drive. The passenger fled on foot, and the cabbie was unable to turn the car around on the ramp, so he continued north on FDR Drive until he could exit and return heading southbound. When he stopped on Vesey Street, he realized that his wallet and its contents were missing from his pants pocket. The cabbie notified his credit and debit card companies and discovered that one fraudulent purchase for $124 had shown up. Otherwise, he was out $25 for the cost of the wallet, plus $1,700 in cash.

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