No One Knows Rudy's Past

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A new [Gallup Poll released today] shows that while the conventional wisdom indicates that Republican voters will shy away from the socially moderate views of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani in a primary, those same voters might not even be aware of his history on social issues.

The poll finds that most Republicans and right-leaning independents are in the dark on Giuliani's views on civil unions and abortion. On abortion, 64% do not know where Giuliani stands (he's pro-choice) while 75% do not know his position on civil unions for same sex couples (he's also for them). Voters are equally uneducated about Arizona Senator John McCain, the poll shows.

Other interesting notes from the poll: Giuliani is more likable than McCain (74-21), has a better chance of defeating the Democratic nominee in 2008 (55-38), would perform better in a crisis (68-28) and is a stronger leader (59-34). Those Republicans also think McCain is more qualified to be president (50-41), has higher ethical standards (50-35) and would work better with Congress (52-41).

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