No, We Can’t All Just Get Along

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Back in July, we began to see the fruits of the city’s uncharacteristic [bike-loving labor], including swapping parking spots for bike racks and alien-green bike lanes in Brooklyn Heights. Now Chelsea is getting in on the action with a new, [buffered bike lane](, to be constructed within the next month on 9th Avenue between W. 16th and W. 23rd Streets. Picture this: Bicyclists, strip of pavement, lane of parked cars, vehicles in action. But New York is not a pioneer on this super segregated concrete road map, leave that to Europe. Now all you cabbies and those who had the genius idea to drive SUVs on the world’s most crowded streets know who to thank when you’re feeling the pinch. Didn’t we mention? All this extra space had to come from somewhere, so cars will now be limited to [three instead of four lanes]( This antagonism-fest is all part of the city's [$1 million bike safety ad campaign](, announced Tuesday, which strives to get drivers and cyclists to take the road in harmony. Ha!

Photo courtesy of [clgregor  on Flickr]

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