some residents are complaining that crosswalk times in the west 90s along west end avenue are too short for children and senior citizens.

in particular, parents whose children attend p.s. 75, on west 96th street and west end avenue, feel the short crossing time is unsafe for children walking to and from school.

in a letter to commissioner janette sadik-khan, council member gale brewer urged the department of transportation to survey the intersection and consider changing the timing of traffic lights.

"the department of transportation needs to give pedestrians-

students, seniors and everyone else-more time to cross the intersections," brewer said. "there are a huge number of people at that intersection who are fearful of crossing."

the intersections are close to the henry hudson parkway exits and get additional traffic diverted from broadway due to construction of the 96th street subway station.

as a result of brewer's inquiry, the department said in a nov. 10 letter that it started analyzing crosswalk times in the area to decide if they are sufficient for safe pedestrian crossing. manhattan borough commissioner margaret forgione is expected to release these findings by mid-january.