NY Is A Far, Far Better City Than Boston Or Not

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There was quite a fuss made in Boston yesterday over a cartoon. Thatís right, a cartoon. No, not some political caricature of Muhummad, just a little nameless dude sticking out his middle figure. It turns out, [the 10 suspicious illuminated electronic devices that police found attached to bridges and other sensitive infrastructure areas around Bean Town were mere publicity] for a show called "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" on the Cartoon Network.

[The devices were positioned in 10 American cities, including the Big Apple], by a New York marketing firm called Interference Inc., which is based in Greenwich Village. It was later discovered that the firm also posted video on YouTube showing people putting the magnetic signs up. Here, more than 40 of these devices were reportedly spotted, mostly in Brooklyn, and are now in the process of being removed. CBS 2's Brendan Keefe examined one of the signs himself and found four D batteries wrapped in black tape with wires connecting them to a circuit board.

In Boston, 28-year-old Peter Berdvosky, a Massachusetts College of Art student employed by the firm and one of the partners, Sean Steves, are expected to be arraigned for planting the devices. Authorities have not yet decided if Turner Broadcasting or any other companies involved should be criminally charged. But Boston officials say the two men could be held responsible for the costs of removing the devices, up to $500,000.

Photo courtesy of [Fuzzy Gerdes on Flickr]

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