NYC Beard Competition Boasts Some Stellar Stubble

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As "no-shave November" comes to a close, everyone who spent the month carefully grooming and coiffing their facial hair will have their day in the sun-even if their chins may never see sunlight again.

The Gotham City Beardsman Alliance will play host to the best and brightest of the facial follicle community and the gloves will come off in the battle of the beards. How does your 'stache stack up against some of NYC's fiercest competitors?

With six categories the competition ranges every form of facial hair, from the outrageously sculpted to free flowing locks. Categories include Full beard natural, Beard freestyle, Moustache, Goatee, Recession beard-described by GCBA Presidence as a category "for those that may have lost their job, stopped shaving and are getting ready for the winter"-and Fake beard, for men and women who want to participate, but can't grow beards. The GCBA has all its beard bases covered.

The event has been put together to serve a good cause, beyond beard bragging rights of NYC. All proceeds collected go to the FeelGood Foundation, a charity that spreads awareness of the health effects suffered by the first responders to 9/11 and to ease the financial burdens on those responders who experienced these health issues.

Join NYC's best beardsmen (and women) for some unshaven fun at Europa Club on Saturday, December 3, at 6 p.m., 98 Meserole Ave., Greenpoint. Admission is $15

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