NYCHA Battles Continue

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On March 21st, NYCHA held a meeting with Frederick Douglass residents to discuss the new inspace development plans, but the meeting quickly turned hostile. The small room at NYCHA was not large enough to fit the over 200 residents who showed up. Many of the shut-out residents banged on the interior doors to let their voices be heard, and police had to be called to calm people down.

"This is a disgrace, that you are doing this to low income people," said Frederick Douglass resident Madelyn Innocent.

NYCHA gave new details of the plan: they would add 794 apartments, with 20 percent affordable. No resident will be asked to move or vacate their apartments, and the revenues from the development will go to repairing and renovating Frederick Douglass, according to NYCHA representatives.

Senator Brad Hoylman is not convinced, though. He is calling for a Senate hearing on the plans.

"From misleading sales pitches about the benefits of infill development to vague flyers advertising so-called resident engagement meetings, it's clear that NYCHA is not interested in real transparency and community input," said Senator Hoylman.

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