NYPD Likes To Touch You Funny

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Itís good to know New Yorkers aren't suffering the indecency of stop-and-frisks no reason. Oh wait, scratch that. [It seems the NYPDís controversial tactics were used to search hundreds of thousands of lucky folks last year, but only resulted in one in 10 accusations of wrongdoing.] No matter how much you think you like the random frisks, those figures have got to irk you. The exact statistics are as follows: 354,571 people were stopped and felt up by precinct cops, only 13,400 (about 4 percent) were arrested and 19,942 (6 percent) were given tickets. The number of searches increased fivefold over the past four years, which some naturally reason directly corresponds to 9/11. The Daily News also discovered this shocking truth: 78 percent of those stopped were black or Hispanic. [But according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, those are just the dudes who looked suspicious.](http://www.nypress.com/20/5/informationagent/agent4.cfm) So a Brooklyn lawyer, Emmanuel Roy, filed a discrimination lawsuit against the NYPD this month in response to these numbers. More than a dozen people have signed on, seeking more than $200 million. If you feel violated, you could, too.

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