NYPD Officer Hit by Ferrari Suing Driver for $10 Million

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Hundreds of deadly drivers go free every year in New York City because NYPD protocol limits investigations into crashes which do not appear life-threatening. While no violent incident ever has its upswing, it seems reality star Stephanie Pratt's boyfriend Julien Chabbott ran over the foot of just the right person to be forced to pay for his crime. NYPD Officer Felix Recio is planning to sue Chabbott for $10 million for running over his foot with his Ferrari earlier this August, the NY Post reports. That's about 38.5 times what Chabbott's snazzy wheels are reportedly worth. The incident went down outside the Mercer Hotel in Soho, when Recio was attempting to stick Chabbott with a parking ticket. Chabbott refused the ticket, jumped into the vehicle and allegedly drove over the officer's foot, according to the Post. Recio told the paper while injuries he sustained were relatively minor, he believes Chabbott "deliberately drove towards [him] with an intent to hurt [him]." Recio's lawyer is going for first-degree assault with a deadly weapon charges, reports the Post. The officer, who said he was "just trying to do [his] job" at the time of the assault, has been unable to go back to work. Chabbott's attorney, on the other hand, was shocked by the rumor of a $10 million lawsuit. He told the paper: "the officer in question appears to have suffered no injury whatsoever." -Alissa Fleck

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