Off-Duty Cop Gets Call To Duty

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[A 17-year-old suspected mugger was shot when an off-duty cop attempted to thwart his evil plans in Queens yesterday.] According to authorities, [Lt. Jose Jacome was driving with his girlfriend when he noticed two men beating up a third who was calling for help, saying that he was being robbed]( Jacome identified himself as an officer, flashed his badge and ordered the men to stop. When they didnít, he pursued them while his girlfriend dialed 911. Jacome caught one suspect and as struggling with him when Edwin Guaman threw a beer bottle at him (and missed). A struggle ensued and Guaman reached for Jacomeís holstered gun. The weapon discharged, wounding Guaman in the chest, but an NYPD spokesperson said itís unclear as to who actually pulled the trigger. A witness claims that Guaman crawled over to her car and requested she take him with her, lest he go to jail. Iím sure it took her all of three seconds to realize she didnít feel extremely sympathetic to him. So instead of driving off into the sunset and living happily ever after except for the bullet lodged in his chest, Guaman was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center in serious condition. A box cutter was found in his pocket but charges were still pending as of last night. [The police are questioning a man they believe to be Guamanís accomplice](, but are still looking for the victim.

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