Off-Duty Officer Opens Fire

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A traffic dispute at an intersection in Queens on Tuesday night prompted murder (hey, people have killed over less). An off-duty police officer from the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County, [Emilio Maldonada, 29, was forced to open fire, killing his attacker]. Maldonada was stopped just after 7 p.m. at 94th Street and Ditmars Boulevard, his wife and child were in the back seat of his car. According to police, Maldonada honked his horn when the SUV in front of him failed to proceed upon the light turning green. This prompted the two passengers, Chris Kenner, 36, and his brother Leroy, 45, to get out of the over-sized vehicle and proceed to pound on Maldonada’s car. Round rage is a dangerous thing.

Maldonada's window was open and they actually fought with him through the small opening (persistent homicidal maniacs aren’t they?).  Maldonada identified himself as an officer and, according to police, witnesses heard the phrase, “Shoot the cop!” repeated over and over again. The corrections officer opened fire, hitting Chris Kenner once in the chest. Meanwhile, Leroy Kenner ran off on foot; he was later arrested upon his return to the scene. According to police, the former brother was taken to an Elmhurst Hospital, where he died, and Maldonado was treated for minor injuries from the scuffle and was subsequently released from New York Hospital in Queens. Police charged the elder Kenner with assault and he remains in custody as of this morning. Corrections officers are able to carry weapons while off-duty and can also make arrests.

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