One Cop Shot, Another Knifed Last Night

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A plainclothes police officer was [shot by a gunman] last night in Harlem. The injured officer, Robert Tejada, 35, his partner Sgt. John Anzolino and two other cops from the 25th Precinct had followed the suspect into Cafe 22 after receiving reports that an armed man was in the area. The cops identified themselves and as Tejada was patting down the suspect, he pulled out a gun and got [two rounds off]( Tejada returned fire, shooting the suspect four times. Apparently, one bullet [tore through Tejada's bulletproof vest]( but caused only a superficial stomach wound, and the second bullet hit him in the ankle, where it may well stay, sources said. He was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in Washington Heights. The gunman himself, identified as Corey Mickins, 25, of Soundview, the Bronx, was pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital. Police said he had served time for a weapons charge and had an attempted murder charge on his record.

Tejada is the second NYPD officer to be shot in the past week. Saturday, an [off-duty city detective was shot] inside a Brooklyn nightclub. Meanwhile, a cop was [slashed with a knife in Brooklyn]( just last knight as he was giving a citation. The officer shot at the suspect, hitting him three times. Both were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. This all on the heels of the soon-to-be completed investigation of the [Sean Bell shooting]( by the Queens grand jury.

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