Out of the Frying Pan, into “Adulticides”

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An [environmental group] is up in arms about the city’s use of pesticides in Queens and the Bronx to combat mosquitoes and mosquito-borne West Nile virus.

[Spraying ]of a synthetic pesticide called [Anvil 10+ 10](http://www.afpmb.org/pubs/standardlists/labels/6840-01-474-7751_label.pdf) from a truck was scheduled to take place in Queens on Monday, August 13, and in the Bronx last night, from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

 Health Department advisory assured residents that “there are no significant risks of adverse impact to human health associated with the proper use of this product,” yet recommended that people stay indoors during spraying and wash anything exposed to pesticides.

The No Spray Coalition calls the DOH “ignorant and lying politicians and bureaucrats,” and says Anvil 10+ 10 belongs to a class of “adulticides” that “mimic hormones such as estrogen, and may cause breast cancer in women and drastically lower sperm counts in men. Pyrethroids have also been associated with prostate cancer, miscarriages and preterm delivery, asthma, toxicity to many vital organs including the nervous system, liver, kidneys and the gastro-intestinal tract, skin rashes, itching and blisters, and nausea and vomiting.”

Photo courtesy [of stinkiepinkie_1982 on Flickr]

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