OWS's Eventful Weekend

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Over the weekend Occupy Wall Street had a diverse array of actions, events, and protests. Since the movement has now spread all over the country as well as the world, the actions of OWS in Zuccotti Park are no longer the other news-worthy events.

On Friday Parents for Occupy Wall Street hosted a family sleepover in Zuccotti Park. By all accounts it was a resounding success. Turnout was considerably higher than expected and, most importantly perhaps, parents and children were able to actually sleep!

Dozens of OWS protesters were arrested on Saturday in Harlem as they engaged in non-violent civil disobedience in protest of "Stop-and-Frisk." Included in those arrested was Princeton University professor and civil rights activist Cornel West. On Saturday evening a group from OWS occupied an art gallery in the West Village. The gallery, Artist's Space, initially allowed the protesters free range of the space. Under the title "Take Artists Space," approximately 10 protesters entered the space while a public event was underway. After the event ended, the protesters refused to leave and called on more protesters to come. Approximately 60 protesters took the space and spent the night there. On Sunday the owners of the space finally requested that the protesters leave and they did.

In nation-wide OWS news, on Sunday police began dispersing OccupyChicago. They had previously been occupying the Federal Reserve Bank, and late Sunday night police began arresting protesters in an attempt to disperse the protest. Approximately 130 protesters were arrested.

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