Oxy Cottontail puts A-Trak to Shame

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Sometimes performing exactly to your capabilities isn't enough to move a crowd. As for [A-Trak's](www.djatrak.com/ ) show at [Studio B](http://www.clubstudiob.com/) in Greenpoint Friday night, saying he didn't move the crowd would be an exaggeration, but he certainly could have done better. The tracks he played off Dirty South Dance, his latest mix-tape released on the [Fool's Gold label,](http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=156727552) sounded just like they do on the record. This quality was enough to get the Brooklyn crowd shaking, but not enough to really garner the response he usually does. The Montreal native and current Kanye West DJ held it down, but didn't take his usually fun set to the next level.

Part of the problem was A-Trak's aversion to variation on his themes, but mostly it was just difficult to follow the opener, [Oxy Cottontail](www.oxycottontail.com/ ). Not just a clever name, Oxy Cottontail went wild last Friday, inducing a few hundred drunk Brooklynites to dance their asses off for about an hour. Arriving in NYC after stints in Baltimore and Philadelphia, Oxy has turned to performing her own music rather than simply promoting the music of others. The result is is wildly entertaining live show that got the entire house dancing on Friday night.

This is not to say that A-Trak's set was bad, it just paled in comparison to Oxy Cottontail. Granted, the songs he played off Dirty South Dance are interesting and danceable reworkings of hot tracks, but perhaps next time he'll put in a bit more effort.

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