Panic at the Disco Boys Succumb to Their Wildest Desires—If Bandslash Babes Get Their Way

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Gay porn: It's not just for men anymore! Not content to sit back and let guys have all the fun relishing lesbian sex, women—who knows how many—are creating homoerotic smut of their own. Between Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl.

“Bandslash”—which refers the punctuation mark between the names of involved parties (Cobain/Grohl, for instance)—is a [genre of fictional stories written, mostly by women, about famous rock stars] ditching the hot groupies for a little experimentation with one another. The trend remains largely unheard of outside online slash communities because the general public still can’t handle the concept of female sexuality. Regardless, thousands of short stories can be found with the click of a button a little bit of “SafeSearch off” googling. Ever wonder what it would be like if Steven Tyler performed fellatio on Joe Perry? Er, no, me neither.

Fans of bandslash claim that the appeal of guy-on-guy is that it represents an equal relationship; the bit about using celebrities as subjects is just an added bonus. It all started back in the ‘60s when Trekkies sensed a sexual tension between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. In a couple of minutes, when your curiosity gets the better of you, check out sites like [] to read about the boys of Panic at the Disco succumbing to their wildest desires (which actually may not be fiction).

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