Park Vending Proposal

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to the editor:

it doesn't appear to me that the effort to enhance the view and flow in parks impinges on the rights of the artist ("artists paint bad picture of proposed park rules," april 8). it is not an effort to eliminate them from the park, but rather to organize them into areas that will be available to visitors without jamming the walkways or interfering with the beauty of the park. i also hope they will control the wholesale buying of objects and photos that are retailed by vendors who are not artists.

ed bobrow


to the editor:

the problem is not the artists, it's the people who are selling illegally reproduced materials. i've lived at columbus circle for 25 years and there are precious few actual artists there. most of the sellers all around the park are hawking the same illegally reproduced, copyright infringed, cheaply photocopied reproductions of magazine covers, 9/11 paintings, greeting cards, movie posters, film stills and other mass produced materials that are being ripped off from the original designers and artists. the problem with robert lederman and his group is that they do not fight for bona fide artists. the city needs to take a stand and monitor who is selling what and hold the copyright infringers accountable. if that isn't done, this issue will never be settled.

sam katz


to the editor:

artist advocates for artists who are protected by the first amendment. under new york city law, that protection extends to anyone selling art, not just artists. therefore, art vendors are as protected as artists, the same way book vendors who did not write the books they sell are as protected as authors. artist does not defend those who sell copyright-infringed art. the nypd could do such enforcement if it chose to. artist is not a police organization and we do not engage in vending enforcement. we do recommend that anyone whose art was infringed document the selling of it and sue, as a number of artists have successfully done. it is a shame that someone like ms. katz who knows better would spread such utter nonsense rather than help fight for artists' rights.

robert lederman

president, artist

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