People Dig Deep Into Their Pockets for the Low Line

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Space inNew York Cityhas always been at a premium, making new parks and green spaces a rare site on our bustling streets. And, since Mayor Bloomberg announced his ambitious PlaNYC in 2007 to make parks readily accessible to all residents, New Yorkers have had to get creative when it comes to getting some open space. Now, the founders of the planned Delancey Underground, dubbed the Low Line, have had to get creative with their funding.

Co-founders James Ramsey and Dan Barasch have already raised over $34,000 in less than 24 three days after starting their Kickstarter campaign. They are trying to raise a total of $100,000 to build a full scale installation of their park in the Essex Street Market. This 'mini Low Line' will be used to demonstrate the feasibility of the world's first underground park to city officials, theMTA, community members, and potential investors.

The real life Low Line, is planned to be installed in an abandoned 60,000 sq ft. trolley terminal running underneath Delancey St. between Essex and Clinton Sts. Ramsey, a former NASA engineer and founder of the design architecture firm RAAD, designed a bustling underground space nearly as large as Gramercy Park that is as inviting as anything above ground. Using high tech solar and fiber optic technology, sunlight would be collected and distributed underground. This would facilitate the growth of trees and other plants, in addition to blocking out UV rays that are harmful to humans. Unlike other parks, the Low Line would be usable as a public space throughout the year regardless of the weather.

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