Peta Reminds us of More Inconvenient Truths

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As if your dreams of one day owning a Range Rover weren’t enough to give up, here’s one more previously guileless habit you must quit immediately lest you single-handedly bring on the course of events that take place in The Day After Tomorrow: meat eating.

Not content to gross America out with images of slaughterhouses and icky statistics (see “in every package of chicken, there’s a little poop” and “eating meat and dairy products causes impotence”), the folks at [PETA] have compiled a whole new slew of statistics that put each and every one of us environmentalist hypocrites, the ones who recycle but still have the audacity to order the occasional hamburger, to shame: apparently, meat consumption is the culprit of the largest human-caused sources of methane emissions. Put down that [five-dollar footlong]( now!

According to PETA, methane emissions are largely a result of livestock raised for meat and dairy, landfills, leaks of natural gas into the atmosphere and the burning of coal. And in November of 2006 the United Nations reported that raising animals for the sake of food generates more greenhouse gas than every form of transportation combined.

“The reduction in carbon emissions in shifting from a red meat-rich diet to a plant-based diet is about the same as that in shifting from a Chevrolet Suburban SUV to a Toyota Prius hybrid car,” PETA reported Lester Brown, president and founder of Earth Policy Institute, an organization geared toward raising public environmental awareness, as declaring.

Wow, that’s such a—what do you call it? Oh, right, an inconvenient truth. Steak is still delicious and soy cheese pizza is just downright smelly. Maybe lay off on the Wendy’s square-shaped meat patties and Frosties for a while though, because that’s just wrong on way too many levels.

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