Pick of the Litter: The Cutest (And Most Adoptable) Pet of the Week

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Biscuit is an adorable 3 year old dog that looks like a Whippet mix. This 29 pound pooch is very playful and energetic! She is friendly with other dogs, but she may be too rambunctious to live with cats. Biscuit was rescued from a municipal shelter, where her fate was up in the air. She would do best with an active family that has the time and devotion to keep her busy and burn her energy. Biscuit's new family will need to continue her obedience training, especially her manners walking on the leash. While she seems to be housebroken already for the most part, she may need help getting used to a new routine. As long as her new family can keep her active, this sweetheart is going to make a wonderful furry friend!

Color: white/black/brown
Weight: 30lbs
Temperment: playful & energetic!
Origins: rescued from a Kentucky municipal shelter.
Ideal Home: an active, athletic family that is looking for an exercise buddy who can snuggle up with them after a good workout!
Quirky Trait/Talent: This 30 pound girl thinks she's a lapdog and doesn't want to hear otherwise!

To learn more about adopting Biscuit or finding another pet visit Bideawee by [clicking here.]

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