Pick of the Litter: The Cutest (Most Adoptable) Pet of the Week

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Phantom is an extremely affectionate and snuggly cat that loves to give hugs and be held! He is talkative when he wants food, which he loves so much that he has even learned to "sit" for it. Phantom is also quite playful at just 2 years old. He was [rescued](http://www.bideawee.org/Adopt-Search?speciesID=2&sex=A&ageGroup=All&location=&site=98&onHold=&orderBy=&primaryBreed=&secondaryBreed=&specialNeeds=&noDogs=&noCats=&noKids=&page=2) after being abandoned outdoors, which is probably where he contracted feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV. Luckily, cats with FIV frequently live long and healthy lives when they are well-cared for and kept indoors. Phantom would love to be your only cat but he could also live with other FIV+ kitties.
Color: white/black
Weight: 12lbs
Temperment: sweet and loving!
Origins: was abandoned outdside.
Ideal Home: Because Phantom is FIV positive, he needs to either live with other FIV kitties, or to be your only "child."
Quirky Trait/Talent: Phantom thinks he's a clinger monkey and LOVES to put his paws around you and give you hugs!

To learn more about adopting Phantom [click here. ]

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