Pineapple So Cheap It'll Make You Giddy

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Produce takes too much effort. Who has time to spend 40 minutes in line at Whole Foods, and then pay $3 for an onion? Slightly sketchy street stand to the rescue! On the East side of Seventh Avenue between 27th and 28th Streets, a man named Patty rules over a stand selling fruit and vegetables for insanely low prices. The stand itself has been there probably since you were born, but Patty is relatively new…and he runs a tight ship (don’t even think about swiping a plum on the go). The food is cheap because it is very, very ripe, and you should probably eat it the same day you buy it. That said, it’s good quality, much better than anything I can find out in Crown Heights. And, like I said, the prices are unbelievably low. Check it out:

Plums: 6 for $1
Bananas: 6 for $1
Avocados: 2 for $2
Cherry tomatoes: 3 boxes for $2
Strawberries: 2 boxes for $1
Red peppers: 3 pounds for $2

Except for the strawberries, everything was fresh and looking good when I stopped by yesterday. According to Patty, all of the produce is from [Hunt’s Point Market] in the Bronx. See, this stuff really doesn't fall off a truck. He also wants to emphasize that he is very honest, saying “We don’t rob people! I will drop dead before I rob somebody!” when a customer counted his change.

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