Plain Weird Sexual Predator Arrested

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[Another bad, bad man] is thankfully off the streets. A UPS manager and former NYPD recruit from Staten Island has been arrested and charged with second-degree assault for paying a high school girl at least $500 to let him [pierce her flesh with pins and Bic pens]( The girl was assaulted numerous times and suffered bleeding, bruising and substantial pain, officials said.

Police believe Frank Ranieri, 25, (pictured [here]) has been involved with at least three high school girls, although news sources can’t seem to agree on the precise number of victims or their ages. Raniero allegedly posed as a cop to win the girls’ trust and then promised them money and paper routes. According to prosecutors, the creep would masturbate in front of the girls after "puncturing their buttocks" with the pointed objects. "He said he liked to see the pins go through muscle and flesh," a police source told the [Daily News](

Prosecutors say they have a two-page confession and an audiotape substantiating the allegations. Nonetheless, Ranieri's attorney is saying the charges are bogus and that his client is the victim of an extortion scheme: "As heinous as these allegations are, a so-called victim can be equally as heinous to make them up," he said. Now if only they could catch the guy who allegedly [raped a 26-year-old Manhattan College student] inside her apartment on Sunday—just so authorities could ask him if he's OK after his victim, we mean monster, accused him of such a heinous crime, of course.

Photo courtesy of [AMagill on Flickr]

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