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Ten fun family car ride activities from New York Family Magazine If you're taking a road trip this summer with kids in tow, you're probably trying to figure out how to make the journey fast, fun and free of backseat whining. Look no further; we've created a list of the best car activities that will keep your children occupied for hours. You might even enjoy playing them too! [A Is For Armadillo]( Going through the alphabet from A to Z, everyone tries to be the first to spot and name three items beginning with the same letter. Whoever wins gets to pick the next letter. It's a great way to check out the scenery during the drive while having fun! Courtesy of: []( [Virtual Hide And Seek]( Pick a place inside your house to "hide" and don't tell anyone where you are. Have everyone else in the car ask yes/no questions until they figure out where you are mentally hiding! This virtual version is great because you can hide anywhere; the dishwasher, junk drawer, laundry basket. Get creative! Courtesy of: []( [Create Your Own Games]( Someone in the car describes something (a person, food, show, movie, etc.) and everyone else has to guess what is being described. This game is great because it can be tailored to the ages and interests of your family. You can make the item as challenging or as easy as you like. Courtesy of: []( To read the full article at New York Family [click here](

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