Playlist for Spring Fever

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For all you haters out there saying, "Man, I wish we had a little more winter this year. Like, where was the snow?" Shove it. The snow went away because it realized how much it sucked. Warm weather was like, "Hey bud, no hard feelings, but seriously, no one likes you. It's awkward, but they all say really mean things about you behind your back." And we do! When it snows we're in a constant state of grumble. Complaining about the canvas Converses ruined in the pile of slush that looked like it was a continuance of the street. Too cold to do anything but see Eddie Murphy's "1,000 Words." Here's to you spring! And here's a playlist to enjoy the weather.

"Happy People," by R. Kelly: Is any playlist really complete without a little RK? This was back before he rapped about being trapped in a closet and how Uranus is a funny word ("Sex Planet"). So, yeah, I guess it's not his strongest material, but hot damn it makes you feel good.

"Groovin'," by The Rascals: This song starts with birds chirping! Sigh, it's crazy to think there was a time when songs didn't start with air horns blaring.

"Spring is Here," by Frank Sinatra: Remember that Spring has a lot of pressure on it. We have high hopes that can easily be crushed, let Ol' Blue Eyes tell you a story about how it can be sort of a downer.

"Yes We Can," by Lee Dorsey: Now that we got that bummer of a song outta the way, let's get back on track and keep turkey legging our way through these blue skies and dreamscapes!

"Walking On The Side," by Ceasar Frazier: Oooo it's time to unbutton that shirt buddy. Let that chest hair blow in the warm air. Throw some guns blazing dance moves at the fly mama coming your way. Grab some baby oil and lather it on your spring time mustache.

"Chicano," by Dennis Coffey: I don't know how this playlist got to be a funky spring playlist, but I'm into it. And so are you, so let's keep things swinging chicano!

"Make It Funky," by James Brown: Pretty much the only motto you'll ever need in your life: make it funky. How do you like your cereal? "Make it funky." Do you like your coffee with sugar or milk? "Make it funky." How can we make this the most killer spring ever? "Make it funky."

"Bubbles," by Wah Wah Watson: For all you shroomers out in Central Park wearing your summer dresses and your tank tops and shorts, lay back and listen. "Bubbles," will guide you through.

"People Music," by Herbie Hancock: The sun is setting! But the warmth is here to stay. Take a twilight stroll with our good friend Herbie.

"Dancing in the Moonlight," by Toploader: The day has turned to night, but it's still warm out kiddies. Spring is for the fling, while winter's slumbering lion of a relationship has awoken, roared, and skedaddled. Time for a little rebound love.

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