Playlist for the Best of SXSW

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All the cool kids are saying that South By South West is the new Coachella. Of course none of them are actually there. They're saying that while smoking their cigarillos in Washington Square. "Shoulda gone man." Then they relent and say, "Whatever, I guess LA isn't that bad." Don't feel bad. We didn't go either. But we did get a nice little round up of the best acts and their best tunes. It's like a little festival on your screen. YAY!

Hangin On by Class Actress: Throwback to the shmaltzy dance tunes of Whitney Houston's heyday, mixed with a little LCD electro backing. Shake it up, and you got "Hangin' On." This is a Brooklyn-based band, so keep a look out for upcoming shows.

Alex by Girls: A little Tom Petty riffing here, but the angst of up and coming rock God Chris Owens, is enough to sell the track. Turn off the lights. Light a candle. You'll see the future.

Schism of the mind by New Build: Saw this band of LCD and Hot Chip grads last week at Mercury Lounge. They killed it. This track is just the right amount of dance weed vibing.

Runawayby Imperial Teen: For the 90's child you gotta appreciate the frenetic weirdness of this song. For the hipsters, well the band sounds a whole lot like Los Campesinos, so dig on that chickadee. and ob=av2e

I Owe You One by Lights: Mad girly song, but the recording doesn't translate the mesmerizing performance the Canadian based Lights gives in a live show. Think of that girl you first had a crush on with all your heart. Then think of her singing this song. Lights.

Teenage Kicks by Bonfire Nights: Yeah, the track has been covered to death, and, yes, Nouvelle Vague is probably the best cover of it ever, but this one plays to the empty melancholy of Teenage Kicks. We all got ours when we were sixteen, and then we all got dropped. This cover captures that in a sort of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, kind of way.

Life Boats by Soft Swells: Check them out now before it won't be cool to say you like them anymore. These kiddies are onto something. Catchy goddamned track that makes you wanna wave yoru arms back and forth over and over and over and?

Outside the City by Young Galaxy: New wavey digs on this tune. The androgynous voice goes leagues and adds a confusingly sexy lilt to the group.

Muscle Cars by Wussy: Anyone who names their song "Muscle Cars," will make my top ten any day. The band has a sort of Pixies meets The Cure thing going on. Man-woman back-forth where-here. Groovy.

Outside the City by The War On Drugs: Bob Dylan? The Twilight Singers? Husky voice and rhythm guitar. DO IT.

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