Postcards from New Amsterdam: A bicycle fashion show

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There's no better way to navigate the streets of New York than on two-wheels. In lieu of that, the [2012 New Amsterdam Bicycle Show]( kicked off this weekend. Kicking off the festivities this year was the exciting "Postcards From New Amsterdam: A Bicycle Fashion Show" featuring some very hot items that will appear on the runway at Skylight Soho. Last year the handsome Matthew Modine graced our runway and he was back again this year, ready to model the very latest in Velo couture. Strutting alongside him will be former Critical Shopper Mike Albo, showing off glamorous bicycles, bags, jeans and coats perfect for the New Yorker who wants to ride in style. Perennial fashion-plate Hamish Bowleshas even donated a custom made vest and knickers set designed by [B Spoke Tailor.]( Former Critical Shopper, Mike Albo will be showing off the latest in Velo couture as a guest model and everyone's favorite fashion purveyor Hamish Bowles has donated a custom made vest and knickers made by B. Spoke Tailors. Other exciting items that will be making their way down the catwalk include [The Brooks of England Criterion Jacket](, which retails for $1,500 and items from the ultra-chic [Beta Brand](, perfect for biking to work while still looking fresh and stylish. The show was co-produced by Hudson Urban Bicycles and Momentum Magazine. While the festivities might have ended you can always learn more about the 2012 New Amsterdam Bicycle Show by visiting their website[](

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