Praise for Cycling Scofflaw Piece

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to the editor:

re: "no cafe permits for cycling scofflaws," by joseph bolanos (april 8)-i would like to give him a big hug for bringing this to the attention of those who choose to ignore what is going on. there is a law on the books and it is not being enforced, no matter what our city administration says. so no, there will be no cafe permits unless you get your bikers to follow the law.

also, mr. bolanos, please add that the deliverers are not the only ones causing heart-stopping moments for our pedestrians in this city-the reckless bikers who should know better and ride on the sidewalks, against the traffic and through the lights [are also to blame]. our mayor seems to be in love with bike lanes, but if he were out there and saw those in the bike lane committing the same crimes-through the red lights, against traffic, etc.-he might think differently and finally decide that bikers must be licensed so they can be identified and reported. we need funds for the city? here's a way to begin. again, thank you, mr. bolanos, for being smarter than most.

bunny abraham

295 central park west

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