Pregnancy-Safe Polishes: 5 Non-Toxic Nail Polishes for Soon-to-Be-Moms

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When you have a baby on the way, pampering is definitely your prerogative. But if getting a mani-pedi is one of your favorite ways to relax, better check those polish labels. Various studies have discovered that three chemicals typically found in nail polish may be linked to birth defects. Though more research is needed, it's still a good idea to steer clear of polishes with ingredients referred to as the "toxic 3": phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde. That doesn't mean your toes have to go unpolished, though. Try one of these pregnancy-safe polishes for your next at-home manicure, or bring one along with you to the salon. Piggy Paint A concerned mom created this line when she saw her young daughter spill nail polish on a Styrofoam plate?then watched as the polish burned a hole straight through it! Piggy Paint has both a princess-friendly line for girls and a series of colors called "Refined" that are perfect for expectant moms. $6.99-8.99; []( Knocked Up Nails The inventor of this line wanted moms-to-be to know it was made just for them. That's why she came up with hilarious names like Craving a Creamsicle, O-Blue-GYN and Prenatal Princess. $10; []( Scotch Naturals Another mom-created line, this brand extended out from Hopscotch Kids, which makes popular child-safe polishes. Besides offering luxurious colors with names like Paisley Martini and Morning Glory Fizz, Scotch Naturals also created its own soy-based nail polish remover. $11.99-14.99; []( Zoya This toxin-free makeup company has over 300 colors to choose from. Check out the cheerful and beach-ready Surf Collection, ideal for summer. $8; []( To read the full list at New York Family Magazine [click here. ](

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