Privy Party
Do You Come Here Often?, an extended comic sketch about two men stuck in a bathroom together for 25 years, may just be that perfect collision of comedy and surreality that Beckett looked for in his collaboration with Keaton, and that Ionesco simply wished for. Having said that, I flash back to a performance from the early 1980s called The Regard of Flight, in which the marvelous "new vaudevillian" Bill Irwin broke out of his clownish mime routine to tell a clown critic chasing him with a 6-foot pencil that his show contained no "Beckettian symbology." So, okay, maybe it's premature to lay such thick critical praise on the British duo The Right Size (Sean Foley and Hamish McColl), which is appearing in the U.S. for the first time. There's a spark of brilliance in this work, though, a distinct flash of something much more substantial and deliberate than the sketch-comedy antics on which it trades.