Prof Schools Students In Sexual Harassment

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A particularly friendly biology professor at Brooklyn College and the Franklin Career Institute has been accused of giving two female students private tutorials on his personal biological makeup. According to police, Sikdar Masood, 49, was demonstrating anatomy by pointing to parts of the body of a 25-year-old female student. [The Post reports that after class, he invited her into his office to have a closer look.] Allegedly, the teacher fondled her breasts and derriere and implied that she was pretty enough not to worry about pesky things like grades. Masood's wife, Laila, 35, stands by her man, speculating that the two accusers are just trying to punish her husband (he wishes) for being a challenging teacher. Apparently, unnamed sources have come forward citing incidents in September of this year and November 2005. Masood been fired from Brooklyn College and no longer works at the Franklin Career Institute.

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