Puppy in the Window

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to the editor:

kudos to "ask the vet" contributor dr. robin brennen for her "on pets as presents" column (dec. 24), in which she explained the importance of thinking long and hard before getting a pet, and promoted adopting from a shelter.

dr. brennen briefly mentioned "that puppy or kitten in the window." the great majority of (if not all) puppies sold in pet shops come from commercial breeding facilities, otherwise known as "puppy mills." in these facilities, the breeder dogs spend their entire lives in wire cages, simply being used to help fill pet shop windows and cages. when the breeder dogs are no longer capable, they are cast aside like trash.

if a pet shop proprietor says their dogs come from "reputable breeders" (a term they are known to use), they are more than likely being completely dishonest. in very easy to understand terms, no "reputable breeder" will ship their dogs by plane or truck to a pet shop and not know where their dogs end up.

if you are committed to the pet's lifetime care, then adopt from one of the many shelters and rescue groups. all breeds can be found on petfinder.com. saving a life (and lots of money) will bring true joy to both you and the grateful animal.

mickey kramer

east 75th street

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