Push 'Em Back, Push 'Em Back, Go Lions!

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GamePolitics.com has obtained a letter from Manifesto Games CEO Greg Costikyan to Eliot Spitzer, urging the governor to rethink his legislative proposal to regulate violent and sexually-explicit video games.

"The idea that games can be equated in any fashion with cigarettes–a physically addictive product with severe and proven negative impacts on health–is on the face of it, absurd. Games can provide thoughtful insight into systems, processes, and ideas in a fashion different from other media

," wrote Costikyan.

Plenty of people write plenty of letters to plenty of governors, but few share the bond of prep-school togetherness that exists between Spitzer and Costikyan: the two graduated together from Horace Mann in Riverdale in 1977.

Costikyan's letter even begins "Dear Classmate." More [here].

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