Recapping The CW's Ringer: Episode 10

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After the standard holiday hiatus, which felt like eternity, Ringer is finally back.

Malcolm and Bridget are still on the hunt for the truth about Charlie. They find out that the phone Malcolm swiped while searching Charlie's secret house belongs to Gemma. Malcolm decides to tip off the police investigating Gemma's disappearance. But it's too late, as Charlie has already moved Gemma by the time the police search his house. Malcolm is now the number one suspect in Gemma's disappearance.

Back in Paris, the real Siobhan is trying desperately to convince Tyler (who saw Bridget and Andrew together while he was in New York and assumed it was Siobhan) that she is no longer in love with Andrew. She gives herself a black eye and tells Tyler that Andrew punched her, but Tyler doesn't fall for it, especially after realizing that Siobhan was only with him for insider information he had on Andrew's company.

Meanwhile, Juliette's inappropriate relationship with her English teacher takes a turn when she confides in a friend that he forced himself upon her?.

Back in the primary mess of things, Charlie calls the real Siobhan (who is still in Paris) and informs her that he is planning to kill Gemma to keep her quiet, despite Siobhan's best attempts to change his mind.

Charlie then confronts Bridget (who is still pretending to be Siobhan) and tells her that he does in fact have Gemma and will return her safely in return for money. She agrees but because the police are trailing her the deal is called off and Charlie shoots Gemma. As he's discarding the body, the real Siobhan shows up and decides she no longer needs Charlie to complete her mysterious plan and she kills him, then stages it to look like a murder-suicide.

After the formalities of grief are over, we find out that Siobhan is planning on staying in New York, and while Charlie's death causes Bridget some relief, she is still full of questions, and determined to find some answers. Here's hoping we find out more soon.

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