Recapping the CW's Ringer: Episode 11

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After the Christmas hiatus, many Ringer fans feared it might be hard to get into the increasingly complicated plotline again, but not so. Don't worry-the twins are still as scheming and manipulative as ever.

Siobhan is still in New York looking for some incriminating evidence that will prove once and for all that Andrew is cooking the books at his company. Her lover (and one of Andrew's employees) Tyler is still in Paris footing the bill, in large part because Siobhan has convinced him that he is the father of her unborn child - the father is in fact, for those keeping track her ex-lover Henry.

Siobhan hacks into Andrew's computer and attempts to copy files in the hopes of uncovering the truth about his company. Just as she is doing so Andrew and Bridget almost catch her in the act. Along with stealing the files she also takes a diamond ring, which Andrew recently gifted.

She goes to see Henry and organizes a meeting so she can explain why she has been so distant and clear up what she knows about Gemma's murder. Due to miscommunications and Siobhan almost getting caught by Andrew and Bridget, she misses their date and the next time Henry confronts her, he is actually confronting Bridget, which leads to more confusion. Henry decides to end his relationship with her once and for all.

Meanwhile, Henry also calls Agent Machado in the hopes of being able to find out more information about Gemma's murder. While the police believe it was a murder-suicide committed by Charlie, evidence found at the scene has Bridget's fingerprints.

And what about Juliet? Well, she still hasn't told her parents about her English teacher, Mr. Carpenter, forcing her to have sex with him but her close friend at school is urging her to fess up. When Siobhan (Bridget) offers up the apartment for a school benefit, Juliet is horrified to find out that her English teacher will be in attendance. She promptly gets tanked and starts verbally attacking him. When she finally spills and tells Siobhan (Bridget) what happened, Siobhan punches Mr. Carpenter in the face and tells him to leave the party. Juliet finally comes clean to her dad about what she says happened but like with everything else this family does, we believe there must be a twist or lie somewhere in the mix?.

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