Recapping the CW's Ringer: Episode 14

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The episode begins with Malcolm and Bridget arriving at Siobhan's secret office only to find that someone has emptied the previously full office and left it completely barren. Unlike previous episodes, this one doesn't focus too much on finding out who is after Siobhan, but rather, gives us an insight into why the sisters are the way they are.

Bridget gets a mysterious call from a florist calling to confirm Siobhan's annual order of canary roses to be sent to a strange address in New Jersey. Curious as to what is at the address, or whom the flowers are for, Bridget makes the trip to the mystery house and meets Nancy Painter. When she arrives, Nancy greets her warmly but Bridget soon realizes that Nancy is the grandmother of Siobhan's deceased son, Sean.

Bridget grows uncomfortable and leaves and during a series of flashback scenes we find out more about the sister's past. Seven years ago Bridget and Siobhan were living together in Nevada with Sean. Sean's dad, Dylan was in and out of the picture and Siobhan wanted nothing to do with him but Bridget always took Dylan's side. One night while Bridget snuck Sean away to spend time with Dylan, the three of them got into a car accident that killed Sean. The flashbacks give us insight into why Bridget's drug problems started and why the sisters were estranged for so long.

Meanwhile, Juliet's mother Katherine drops a bomb on Andrew and declares that she wants Juliet to relocate to Miami to live with her. Juliet agrees that it might be a good idea but Andrew is reluctant and disagrees. At school, Juliet is shocked to find out that Tessa has spent her cut of the money they scammed out of her father on a brand new car, and is not being discreet as originally promised. A nervous Juliet confides in Mr. Carpenter who tells her that he will take care of it. The next day at school, Juliet learns that Tessa was brutally attacked and robbed and has been put in a medically induced coma. She assumes Mr. Carpenter is to blame and breaks down to the mysterious person who hatched the entire scheme in the first place?her mother.

Finally more pieces about the twins' past are coming to light, but with so many schemes being hatched by absolutely everyone on the show, it's still impossible to tell where the season will go.

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