Recapping the CW's Ringer: Episode 6

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This week's episode begins with Henry ridding his home of any evidence that Gemma was harmed. When Siobhan (Bridget) goes looking for her, Henry informs her that he has no idea of her whereabouts and simply cleaned up the crime scene. He then accuses her of committing the crime saying that he came home to find blood on the walls and a broken vase but no Gemma. (Siobhan) Bridget tips off the police and anonymously delivers evidence in the form of the bloody cloths Henry used to clean the crime scene.

Meanwhile Juliette surrenders her stash of drugs to Bridget in the hopes of making a fresh start, which leaves Bridget feeling torn and unable to get rid the drugs. It's also Juliette's first day of public school and she's already making enemies but a hot young teacher comes to her defense with the principal. No doubt there will be a story unfolding there.

The police begin their investigation into Gemma's disappearance by questioning Henry, but let him go when they find Bridget's prints on the evidence. The police investigating the murder call agent Machado, who calls who he believes is Siobhan to inform her of the evidence.

During the last moments of the show, in a flashback, we see that Bridget purposely left a fingerprint on the evidence. We also see the real Siobhan who is still hiding out in Europe, and we learn that she really ordered for Gemma to be kidnapped and maybe even killed. But why?

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