Recapping the CW's Ringer: Episode 7

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After a week off, Ringer is back with an increasingly complex band. The police are still looking for Gemma and since they found Bridget's fingerprint on some evidence they ask to question Siobhan (who is actually Bridget).

Soon after Gemma's disappearance, Bridget told both her "husband" and Gemma's husband, Henry, that she has a twin sister who is a suspect in the case. Down at the police station, "Siobhan" (who doesn't get booked, fingerprinted or asked anything of substance by the police) tells agent Machado that Bridget has left her a message telling her she's fled town, thinking it will buy her more time.

While trying to find out what really happened to Gemma, Bridget asks her new sponsor Charlie, who is also an ex-cop, to help him uncover what happened, and Charlie agrees to help.

Juliet-who has been trying to clean up her act-goes to a party to take care of her drunken friend and ends up in a car accident. As punishment her dad cuts her off. No trust fund, no credit cards... nothing.

Malcolm, who has been held captive by Bottoway, escapes and heads to New York to find Bridget. When Bridget sees him, she immediately faints and is rushed to hospital for a concussion. While in the hospital, the doctors ask to perform an ultrasound to see if the baby is OK. Little does everyone know the baby doesn't actually exist.... How in the hell is Bridget going to get out of this one?

Meanwhile, Charlie finds Gemma's missing car and promptly places a call to Siobhan in Paris, who has solicited him to get rid of Gemma because she knew too much... what is the reason?

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