Recapping the CW's Ringer: Episode 8

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Last week's episode ended with a petrified Siobhan (who is really Bridget) in the hospital about to receive an ultrasound for a baby that she isn't pregnant with. Luckily, it was assumed to be a miscarriage and Siobhan's husband Andrew didn't suspect any lies.

Bridget goes to meet Malcolm who is still in New York after having escaped Bottoway's thugs. Malcolm tries to convince her do go away with him, but she informs him that she has to stay for her safety.

Agent Machado brings Malcolm into questioning in the hopes of being led to Bridget. Malcolm refuses to speak but is running out of options.

Bridget soon realizes that Malcolm is using drugs again and offers him a place to stay and puts him in contact with her New York sponsor ? or rather, the man who she thinks is her sponsor but is really a goon hired to by Siobhan.

Back in Paris, the real Siobhan is still scheming a way to 'fix her situation' with the man pretending to be Bridget's sponsor. Things get more complicated when we find out that Tyler, the man Siobhan has been living with in Paris, is flying to New York to meet with his boss-Siobhan's husband Andrew. Things take an awkward turn when Bridget shows up at the meeting, which only confuses Tyler and makes for an uncomfortable night for all involved. After the dinner Tyler calls the real Siobhan and informs her that he is cutting her off and will no longer be paying for her stay in Paris.

Still no indication as to what the real Siobhan is going to do about her very real pregnancy, or why exactly she's out to kill her sister Bridget, but considering we're only halfway through the season, things are bound to get much, much more complicated.

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