Recapping The CW's Ringer: Episode 9

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This week's episode finally provided some answers to the questions we've had for weeks. The biggest piece of information that we find out early on is that Gemma is indeed alive and has been kept captive by Charlie in an apartment in Brooklyn.

But then come more riddles. While looking for more answers as to the mysteries of Siobhan's life, Bridget finds a prescription for anti-depressants and schedules an appointment with the psychiatrist who prescribed the meds in the hopes of uncovering something. Bridget steals the doctor's notes from Siobhan's last session and finds out that Siobhan was convinced she had a stalker who was out to get her. During the course of the session (in which, she of course is pretending to be Siobhan) Bridget realises she's actually falling in love with Andrew.

Meanwhile, a newly sober Malcolm begins to become suspicious of Charlie and with Bridget's help, starts to uncover the truth about him. They find out his name is actually John, he's not a sponsor and is most definitely not living a sober life. Malcolm also uncovers his second residence in Brooklyn and is seconds away from finding a captive Gemma when he has to flee for fear of being caught.

When Charlie gets a call from the real Siobhan who is still in Paris, we find out the second juicy nugget in this, the first episode to finally shed some light: Siobhan organized to have a fake cop minding Bridget before Bottway's trial. It was that fake police officer that convinced Bridget to flee witness protection to see Siobhan. So now we know that Siobhan's plan all along was to have Bridget assume her identity but we still have no idea why?. Here's hoping next week's episode is as revealing as this one.

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