The Red Menace I remember it as if it wereyesterday. I had a drink with Lee Radziwill, back then married to Stas Radziwill,the Polish nobleman, and she brought along a rather good-looking fellow whomI recognized immediately. It was 1965 and Warren Beatty did not have that extremepulled look he does nowadays. He was quite polite for an actor, and even knewto keep his little finger down when he drank. Although we didn't come near toexchanging blows-Lee being a perfect lady asked us to cool it, although shedid shade toward him-looking back I rather regret not giving him a knuckle sandwichfor his defense of Communism.
Unlike radical-chicWarren baby, I had seen Communism from up close. In the winter of 1944, redguerrillas tried to take over Athens by force of Stalin arms. My family livedin Kolonaki, the Athenian equivalant of, say, 5th Ave. between 60th and 69thSts. The only thing that stood between the Commies and us was a small policestation, the British embassy guarded by a company of British red berets (paratroopers)and my father's APC (armored personnel carrier), which he had taken off an Italianone year before, when the Duce's troops had thrown in the towel.