(Re)Occupy Wall Street

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By Paul Bisceglio Last September, protesters set up camp in Zuccotti Park and launched Occupy Wall Street, a global campaign for economic equality, political transparency and just about every other cause people fight for these days. The occupation drew disparate activists from across the country to the Financial District for two months until police forced them out. Now, OWS mastermind New York General Assembly is summoning its acolytes back to Wall Street for Sept. 17, the movement's one-year anniversary. "Join us for three days of education, celebration and resistance to economic injustice with permitted convergences and assemblies, concerts and mass civil disobedience," invites s17nyc.org, the movement's anniversary website. Judging by its schedule, the weekend looks to be as grand as this invitation promises: Occupy-related groups have planned events throughout Manhattan on Sept. 15-17, ranging from films to closing off the New York Stock Exchange. The schedule's specifics are still being worked out in the movement's weekly planning meetings (by consensus, of course), and many events are being arranged independently through social media, so here is a rough guide to where you need to be to get in on the action on "#S17"-or where you need to avoid to have a peaceful weekend. SATURDAY, Sept. 15 Occupy Town Square Washington Square Park, 11 a.m., s17nyc.org The park is the official convergence point for all occupy-related groups on the anniversary weekend's first day. Organizers promise a full day of games, performances, skill-shares, trainings and "horizontal, facilitated assemblies." Activists will mingle, establish their demands and plan demonstrations for the weekend and beyond. Anti-Capitalist March Central Park, 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, 4:30 p.m., facebook.com/directactionnyc According to a Facebook event page, Direct Action NYC is organizing the late-afternoon march through the Upper East Side, starting from the southeast corner of Central Park. Occupy the Film Festival Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave., 6 and 8:30 p.m., occupyfilmfestival.com AFA will host "Occupy the Film Festival," two evenings of films, photography and Q&A sessions with directors, all of which will show you "the real stories the 1 percent doesn't want you to see," says the festival. SUNDAY, Sept. 16 Occupy Town Square Foley Square and Thomas Paine Park, Worth Street betw. Lafayette and Centre streets, 11 a.m., s17nyc.org Day two moves the movement's official meeting place to the Civic Center, where a street fair and Open Assembly will focus on "solutions and alternatives to the current system." Foley Square will also host a concurrent, afternoon-long concert (headliners TBA) for activists more inclined to head-bang along to socio-political diatribes than to speak them. Also, Rosh Hashanah services! Autonomous FTP March East Harlem, 8 p.m., facebook.com/directactionnyc Direct Action NYC will hold a second march, this one with the theme "F.T.P." (F*** the Police), according to a Facebook event page. Protesters will begin to roam the neighborhood at 8 p.m. from a location yet to be determined. Occupy the Film Festival Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave., 6 and 7:30 p.m., occupythefilmfestival.com Day two of "Occupy the Film Festival." MONDAY, Sept. 17 All Roads Lead to Wall Street Throughout Financial District, 7 a.m., s17nyc.org The big day. If the movement has its way, there are few places you will be able to go in the Financial District this Monday without seeing the 99 percent in action. Working from neighborhood's peripheral parks, says the S17 website, different groups will crowd intersections, march through the streets and block off the New York Stock Exchange. Specific targets include the Charging Bull and, of course, Zuccotti Park. To prevent complete mayhem, apparently, event organizers have drafted an Action Plan that calls for the movement's diverse crews to avoid interfering with each other's individual expressions of disobedience. Bike Monday Seward Park, Canal Street and East Broadway, 6 a.m., owsbc.org The OWS Bike Coalition is organizing an early-morning ride for "biketivists" from the park around Downtown, free breakfast included. Emma Goldman Popular Assembly Veterans Memorial Park, 55 Water St., 6 p.m., s17nyc.org A Popular Assembly in memory of Emma Goldman will convene following the day's protests to provide "a non-oppressive, non-hierarchical and non-confrontational space to discuss issues relevant to envisioning a better world."

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