near-blizzard conditions may have kept rep. carolyn maloney from washington, d.c., but the weather did not deter her from a morning interview on msnbc, or a visit to manhattan media's offices later that day. the eight-term congresswoman stopped by to talk about her latest legislative accomplishments, primary elections and what she's been reading. by the end of the interview, she'd been called back by the cable news network for an evening appearance.

q: you recently delivered a letter to the ugandan mission protesting the anti-gay laws that have been proposed there, which include the death penalty. a group of evangelical americans that went to uganda have been blamed with stirring up this initiative. where do you stand on that? do you think that these folks should have known better?

a: as one who cherishes my christian faith, it certainly does not speak to the values and principles of the christian faith that i was brought up in. we should all have a responsibility to speak out against human rights violations where we see them. gay rights are human rights, women's rights are human rights, and when we see discrimination, we should all do our part and speak up.
q: one of your achievements last year was your credit card holder's bill of rights, which was aimed at predatory lending practices. have you personally had experience with this?

a: the only experience i had is that they changed the due date-usually you have 30 days-and they moved it up seven days so that i did not get my payment in on time, and then i got fined for not having it in on time. but they had changed it without telling me, and so that's what this bill does-it's very heavy on disclosure so that the consumer knows what the game plan is.