Rep. Rangel Polishes His Comedy Act

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This Saturday, Democratic Congressman [Charles B. Rangel will perform in the stand-up comedy event Laughing Liberally] at New York City’s Town Hall. Rangel represents New York’s 15th Congressional District, including East and Central Harlem, the Upper West Side and Washington Heights/Inwood. He recently got a lot of attention when he appeared to be advocating the reinstatement of a military draft in a Nov. 21 statement. But I don't think George W. will be leaving Laura any time soon. Rep. Rangel said, “As long as Americans are being shipped off to war, then everyone should be vulnerable, not just those who, because of economic circumstances, are attracted by lucrative enlistment bonuses and educational incentives.” He then went on to comment, “Even before the first bomb was dropped, before the first American casualty, I have opposed the war in
Iraq. I continue to believe that decision-makers would never have supported the invasion if more of them had family members in line for deployment.” Basically, if wealthy Republicans thought their own sons and daughters would have to fight, they wouldn’t be so passionately supportive of the war. Good times, good times.

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