Bad Boy Nietzsche! By Richard Foreman
Consider the case of a remarkable man: awkwardly shy, a bit saturnine, with a glum mustache and a pronounced philosophical bent?whose inner life is so fertile, so turbulent with rich activity, that the routine continuum of ordinary life often depresses him, sending him retreating into himself. A polite, even chivalrous man whose personal gentleness contrasts starkly with the occasionally fierce creative work he produces to wrest himself from his own head. A man whose work, eloquent even in its ferocity, originates in jotted-down thoughts that he collects into musically conceived, aphoristic texts that are often quoted out of context by others to prove almost any crudely iconoclastic point the quoter wishes. A passionate man with a knack for astonishingly physical and sensual imagery who nevertheless leaves himself vulnerable to criticism about his representations of women.