Richardson Moves On Clinton's Perception

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Bill Richardson is capitalizing on the [recent Zogby poll] that found half of country would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

The Richardson campaign has just sent out an email to supporters noting the results of the poll, which also found the New Mexico governor to be the most electable Democrat. From the email:

This poll suggests that the other leading Democratic contenders would have a much tougher time in the general election. Nominating one of them could be the best way to ensure we get another Republican in the White House!

If we nominate a Democrat who can't beat the Republican nominee, we could be in for eight more years of this -- eight more years in Iraq, eight more years of soaring deficts [sic] and corporate giveaways and eroding civil rights, eight more years of inaction on health care and global warming.

Don't let it happen!

The email also includes the complete details of the poll.

For more New York political coverage visit [City Hall News].

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